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Nine individual shapes filled with honey creams, uniquely flavored using essential oil blends, are beautifully presented in a chocolate brown box marked by our gold insignia.

Match the various shapes with the creams as you carry on your flavor excursion. The flavors are listed below and clues are in the names.

  • Clover Dome
  • Cherry Drops
  • Orange Rosette
  • Elderflower Star
  • Peppermint Twist
  • Raspberry Button
  • Strawberry Swirl
  • Blackberry Twirl
  • Apricot Mound
"Just a note to let you know that i enjoyed every flavor and every bite of that wonderful 9 piece chocolate that you sent me home with this past Saturday. Excellent!!!" ~ Lisa V.

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    Good product but different consistency than expected

    Dark Chocolates had nice smooth shine, honey was sweet but not too sweet. Good pairing with dark chocolate. With cream in the title, I was expecting honey filling to be firmer and whipped like a cream. This filling is not whipped and its consistency is looser than a caramel filling. Not bad--just a different expectation. Thank you for the delivery!! Bear claw and almond bites are my favorite so far!

    Hi Lindsey! Thank you for your review. So glad that you enjoyed the chocolate! You may have found the 'Clover Dome' to be thicker in the center than the other flavors. That's because when we add the essential oils for flavoring, the consistency becomes slightly thinner. The 'Clover Dome' has no added essential oil for flavoring and so remains slightly thicker and creamy than the rest. ~ Divani Chocolatier

    All confections* are handmade in our store location at Foxburg Pennsylvania. Our kitchen is annually inspected by the state's Dept of Agriculture. Contact us to learn more or read about our ingredients and process. Feel free to visit us for a mini tour and free samples of select products. We'll be happy to have you!
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