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Our organic chocolate, just like sugar free, is made with French process providing its silky texture while the selected cocoa beans give it pronounced red fruit tones. By cocoa content organic dark chocolate is 66% and milk chocolate is 38%.

What sets organic chocolate apart from our sugar free and Belgian chocolate is that all its ingredients, from cane sugar to cocoa beans were grown "organically", that is, without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides or the like.

Please note that since none of our chocolate contains wax, in order to create your own confections, you would need to properly temper the chocolate. This makes the process a bit more labor intensive, yet worthwhile as you know you're eating pure chocolate and nothing else!

All confections* are handmade in our store location at Foxburg Pennsylvania. Our kitchen is annually inspected by the state's Dept of Agriculture. Contact us to learn more or read about our ingredients and process. Feel free to visit us for a mini tour and free samples of select products. We'll be happy to have you!
* exceptions apply