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Work with us to get the best sweets for your wedding favors or dessert table.

Each wedding order is made fresh just before your big day and is handled with utmost care and attention to detail.

If the sound of wedding bells are in your not so distant future and you are seeking to make it the most memorable day of your new life with your partner, we can certainly contribute to the ‘sweetness’ through our signature Belgian chocolate confections as favors for your big day! Our chocolate is attentively handmade in small batches, using the finest quality ingredients and expert flavor profiling, to achieve fresh, beautiful and unique delicacies. Choose from a selection of confections tailored specifically for celebrations ... Or work with us to embody a custom vision you may have for your presentation. Either way we are prepared to assist you in making your wedding reception a blissfully delicious occasion.


Solid Belgian chocolate bars in white, milk, and dark chocolate.  The best way to unleash the complex flavors of our fine chocolate is to savor it in its plain form. A true treat for a connoisseur!
Soft and chewy caramel and chocolate sprinkled with sea salt to create the ideal sweet and salty combination. Place the top down on your tongue for the ultimate tasting experience.Five delectable pieces packaged in a clear plastic box to help retain freshness when stored in a cool and dry place.
Crunchy roasted espresso beans covered in 70% bittersweet chocolate is a treat, especially for those who love the fusion of rich chocolate and bold coffee in its darker incarnation! Certainly NOT for the faint of heart, if you do decide to indulge in this, be prepared for an extra kick coming from...
We combine the crunch and punch of coffee with our signature Belgian chocolate in this bar. Available in milk, dark, and white chocolate.
This traditional favorite is presented in a new form for a novel mixture of taste, texture, and mouthfeel. Carefully placed pecans in chewy caramel throughout each piece, Tortoise Shells are sure to please all turtle fans!  
Roasted and salted cashews covered in organic 70% dark Italian chocolate. An excellent treat especially if you like the idea of mixing salty with chocolate. With an unsurpassed texture of the roasted cashews, the mouthfeel is just warm enough to add a burst of flavors to the complexity of bittersweet chocolate!
Rich, buttery spiced rum perfectly enhances the sweet, chewy center of these 'rumalicious' Belgian chocolate smothered caramels.Five delectable pieces packaged in a clear plastic box to help retain freshness when stored in a cool and dry place.
Cocoa nibs are the crushed up bits and pieces of cocoa beans. When mixed with tempered chocolate, like in this bar, they offer a smooth texture with a gentle crunch. Available in milk, dark, and white chocolate.
This ultimate bar is filled with small bits of candied black walnuts throughout. A definite treat for all palettes. Be nice and share!
Chocolate and pistachios! Do we need say more?
Caramel rice cake in chocolate Caramel dipped rice cakes covered in thin layer of chocolate. Available in Dark and Milk Chocolate.