“The moment you realize you are immersed in a sense of carefree enrichment, that’s when you know you’re being loved.” ~ Melissa Bawa

Our Mission

Our mission is to share with our customers the varieties of combinations we have come to enjoy throughout our journey as chocolatiers for over a decade. Our niche is in blending various ingredients in just the right proportions so as to create a whole that appeals to a variety of tastes.
From the ingredients that we use and the attentiveness with which we create, we are committed to exhibiting quality and enriching your experience with the delectable food, that is chocolate!

Meaning of Divani

Chocolate has a subtle transformative quality we’ve come to know as…“divani”. The word is literally used to describe a girl who is falling madly in love.
Nevertheless, “divani” has taken on an entirely new dimension in the realm of the chocolate enthusiast, allowing each of us to cast off our inhibitions and fall madly in love with this divine confection known as chocolate.
Divani is the definitive spark of the intention behind all that we do in our craft. From the laboring love and toil of the making, to the careful creative dressing, to the interaction with all those who truly love chocolate and aren’t afraid to say so. We are here to celebrate this timeless love affair by bringing about the best possible experience.
It is our solitary intention to evoke such a feeling with each and every nibble of our delicious confections. Coming from the simple, honest perspective that what we consume should nurture us in every way, we embrace the value of guilt free pleasures by making sure every bite is worthwhile. Through our dedication in creating the variety you seek to the quality you deserve, we strive ever more to bring you one step closer to pure enjoyment, pure freedom, and pure love.