About Us

When it comes to chocolate, we're like you! Let's face it, there's only so much sugar you should have at any given time; so when we want to indulge, it better be top-notch.

Chocolatier retrieving chocolate for a customer from the case

We ensure this in our chocolate by keeping it super simple - start with a top-notch base. That's easy enough to achieve, but expensive, so many chocolatiers resort to cutting corners in favor of higher profits.

We prefer to uphold a more wholesome business model. Our spirit rejoices and business thrives on seeing customers (which, by the way, we have many that do and who we know by name) enjoy and share our mutual love for chocolate with their loved ones.

We're mindful about what we put in our bodies and use the purest ingredients to craft our creations so you get the best of both worlds - variety and purity. We take delight in sharing what we make and encourage responsible indulgence.

Our Ingredients

bulk chocolate chunks coming out of double boiler with thermometer in the background

When sourcing ingredients, we simply stick with superior quality. Here's a lowdown on the raw materials we use:

  • We source premium quality Belgian chocolate covertures (as opposed to compounds) that give our confections a delicious foundation - in flavor, texture and mouthfeel. See below for differences between the two:
    Chocolate covertures contain no wax or hydrogenated oils and ours contain only natural vanilla extract for flavor. Some confectioners tend to use compounds which contain waxes to quickly set the end product.
    Covertures need to be "tempered" in order to properly set and is slightly more involving to work with, especially when tempering is done manually. If you're used to making candy at home by simply melting chocolate, adding other ingredients and letting it set in refrigerator, you've been using compounds.
    • Additionally, we use a higher viscosity chocolate that forms a thicker layer on our confections. This results in you getting more chocolate than other ingredients and accounts for more chocolatey treats for you and your loved ones. Economically speaking, this translates into more bang for your buck.
    • Most of the dried fruit and nuts we use are either organic or come from reputable farms and manufacturers.
    • Any flavors we add come from naturally extracted (as opposed to laboratory synthesized) food grade essential oils which, in addition to being a healthier option, eliminates any offensive after taste.
    The end result shows in our confections that our customers have come to enjoy for more than a decade. They say, "proof is in the pudding", well we say, proof is in the chocolate!

    Our Process

    piping chocolate centers in molds

    All of our confections are made by hand which means the only equipment we use is a basic melter to warm the chocolate. All chocolate prepping, tempering, pouring, cutting, rolling, molding, packaging and labeling is done by hand using traditional tools.

    Why? We believe there's something beautiful about involving the human touch to all that's put in and on the body. The autonomous, constant mechanical churning of modern day factory equipment doling out products at so many pieces per minute may be "efficient" but certainly lacks humanity. When you consume food made with love by humans for humans, it makes better, tastes better and rests better with your system - trust us on this one!

    Chocolate Kitchen

    We make all of our confections on location at our Foxburg store. Our kitchen is inspected and approved for food manufacturing by the PA Department of Agriculture on an annual basis. Melissa is a certified food handler and has to renew her certification every 5 years for us to remain complaint with the state's food safety laws.

    This gives an additional level of assurance to our customers knowing that they are buying chocolate that's been made in a facility that's maintained to strict standards of quality and cleanliness.