The Historic “Bank” Building

History of Foxburg Bank buildingLocated in a historic building constructed in 1934 as the Foxburg Bank, patrons are awestruck at the sight of the magnificent front window and query about the vaults where we now have our kitchen and storage rooms. Also visible is the loft where the bank manager used to have his office.

The building has seen many things come and go through the years; sources tell us there was a newspaper office, a baptist church, a school, a community center, and more recently a purveyor of antiques, then a variety store just before we moved in during April of 2011.  

The Craft of Chocolate Making

Cinnamon truffles in the makingAll of our confections are crafted in house. We make our confections in small batches using premium quality chocolate coverture which is free of additives such as waxes, artificial colors and flavors. Each batch is handmade using our proprietary methods which we developed over the years. This allows us to make a large amount of confections with relatively less labor, thus reducing our costs and therefore price for you.

Many of our “city customers” find our prices “really good for the quality of chocolate” and upon returning home, place their chocolate orders throughout the year via email/telephone/online from the comfort of their urban abodes. Learn more about our ingredients and process.

Healthy Snacking

In addition to our chocolate, we feature a range of non-chocolate snacking options such as gluten-free cookies, organic fruit and nut chunks and bars, European licorice, organic gummy bear and lollipops made using fruit and vegetable coloring, and more. Pennsylvania maple products, local honey, bulk chocolate and caramel sauces, and select superfoods are also available for purchase.

Eclectic Gifts

Aside from edibles, we have a selection of eclectic gifts, from pottery to artwork to vintage utilitarian items. Not to mention, a variety of seasonal and themed chocolate treats that make a wonderful gift or a share package.

A Selection of Beverages

Divani Chocolatier Coffee Shop
Whether you’re looking for a treat or an afternoon pick-me-up, we serve an extensive selection of beverages all day, year-round. We serve and sell certified Organic and Fair Trade full-city roast espresso and Swiss Water Processed decaffeinated espresso coffees.
Espresso Coffee Specialty Lattes Hot Cocoas Loose Leaf Teas
Soda Floats Ice Cream Milk Shakes Real Fruit Smoothies Specialty Chai Lattes
Ice Cream Sundaes Ice Cream Cones French, Italian & Manhattan Soda Espresso Frappé