Solid Belgian chocolate bars in white, milk, and dark chocolate.  The best way to unleash the complex flavors of our fine chocolate is to savor it in its plain form. A true treat for a connoisseur!
We combine the crunch and punch of coffee with our signature Belgian chocolate in this bar. Available in milk, dark, and white chocolate.
This traditional favorite is presented in a new form for a novel mixture of taste, texture, and mouthfeel. Carefully placed pecans in chewy caramel throughout each piece, Tortoise Shells are sure to please all turtle fans!  
Cocoa nibs are the crushed up bits and pieces of cocoa beans. When mixed with tempered chocolate, like in this bar, they offer a smooth texture with a gentle crunch. Available in milk, dark, and white chocolate.
This ultimate bar is filled with small bits of candied black walnuts throughout. A definite treat for all palettes. Be nice and share!
Chocolate and pistachios! Do we need say more?
Cast in our signature Belgian chocolate, our Sand Dollar even has 5 white chocolate chips inside to represent the "doves" you find in real sand dollars! Here's one of the versions of the legend of sand dollar for you to enjoy! The Legend of the Sand Dollar That I would...
We believe that only love can heal previous wounds and bring us all together as members of one species regardless of gender, race, caste, or nationality. This bar contains equal amounts of dark, milk, and white chocolate to represent the hues that define the people of our world. Share this bar with...

“I have never been a candy person. But these Black Forest Soul Mates are to die for! I always carry a box in my purse. It has just the right portion control. Yesterday, I went to the hospital as a visitor, and this security person was checking my purse. I said to her, 'This has a box of chocolate in it. And I know how many pieces are left!”

- Kim Keller -

"I think this is the most creative gift Calumet has given in a long time. I receive several candy gifts every year but none are as creative or as good as the one you made. You should be very proud of yourself. Thank you for all the extra effort you made to make this go so well for us."

- Jennifer Straumins -

“Stopped in today and I can not wait to bring my friends here!! I loved all of my treats! Great to find a shop owner dedicated to high quality, tasty, pocket book friendly treats! Thank you and keep being awesome!”

- Elisha Rayman -

"Just a note to let you know that I enjoyed every flavor and every bite of that wonderful 9 piece chocolate that you sent me home with this past Saturday. Excellent!"

- Lisa Vidt -