Happy Easter!

March often proves to be an interesting time of year. Everyone is waiting to see if it comes “in like a lion and out like a lamb” or vice versa; there’s St. Patrick’s Day, a favorite among all with or without Irish ancestry, and this year, even Easter is in the month of March. Soon the crocus and tulips will begin reaching toward a sunshine filled sky and bright forsythia will fill in where the sun does not reach. Spring will commence its orchestra of colors and a flourishing season for man and animal alike.

Naturally, celebration will be in order for such grandeur. If not to marvel at the timeless glory of nature, then at the very least to shake those few remaining snowflakes off our boots and put the ‘spring’ back in our steps! At this, we often feel magnetized to garden-like settings to bask in the gentle grace of the budding branches and the embrace of a stone wall pillared by tall trees. What magic might one find there? Well, if it were the Faerie Garden in Foxburg, one might find plenty of mystery and antics afoot, especially the weekend before Easter, when everybody will be getting ready for spring and playing games in the brisk morning air.

On the morning of Saturday, March 23rd join us for the annual Easter Egg Hunt where the Easter Bunny will have hidden 100 colorful, goodie filled eggs for children ages 10 and under, in the Faerie Garden behind Divani Chocolatier & Barista. Be sure to keep your eyes and ears open for faeries, gnomes, and the like that may be playing hide and seek or making mischief in the morning mist!

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