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A heavenly union of marshmallow, caramel, nuts and chocolate

These meteors have a fluffy marshmallow core with a layer of chewy caramel enveloped in Belgian chocolate with crunchy nuts throughout. Presented in three combinations, roasted almond in white chocolate, English walnut in milk, and Brazil nut in dark semisweet chocolate, creating just the right texture and taste.

Makes a great gift for

  • Kids and the young at heart
  • Sky watchers
  • Astro-enthusiasts
  • Science teachers

Taste and textures

  • crunchy on the outer layers, soft and chewy on the inside


  • The colorful foil wrapper gives it a festive look for holiday and birthday gift baskets
  • Place several in a ceramic bowl for guests at picnics and gatherings to add a decorative touch
  • Fits snugly in a care package to the delight of the recipient

While this meteor may not alter your humanity, it will certainly change the way you experience a chocolate treat!

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