Stopped in today and I can not wait to bring my friends here!! I loved all of my treats! Great to find a shop owner dedicated to high quality, tasty, pocket book friendly treats! Thank you and keep being awesome!Elisha Rayman

I have never been a candy person. But these Black Forest Soul Mates are to die for! I always carry a box in my purse. It has just the right portion control. Yesterday, I went to the hospital as a visitor, and this security person was checking my purse. I said to her, 'This has a box of chocolate in it. And I know how many pieces are left! ~ Kim Keller, Coppertones Art

I think this will make you guys do a little LOL. After dinner, I made a little french press coffee and went to enjoy one of your cinnamon truffles. When I picked up the box, it felt too light. My heart sank a little. I opened it up to find 1 left. I guess one for 9 isn’t too bad. Haha! The house really loved them. Thank you for the chocolate artistry. ~ Scott Gourley

I think this is the most creative gift Calumet has given in a long time. I receive several candy gifts every year but none are as creative or as good as the one you made. You should be very proud of yourself. Thank you for all the extra effort you made to make this go so well for us. ~ Jennifer Straumins, Calumet Specialty Products

I always enjoy having ice cream and a cappuccino at your place, very classy and you and your wife are excellent people and do a great job, feel very welcomed. ~ Fred Henry

My neighbor loves this Bear Claw so much that she specially requested me to bring some back for her! ~ Peter Chaplin from Surrey, England

Just a note to let you know that I enjoyed every flavor and every bite of that wonderful 9 piece chocolate that you sent me home with this past Saturday. Excellent! ~ Lisa Vidt

A couple years ago I bought some chocolate from you. Then, when I reached into my pocket to pay, I realized I had no cash. I was going to leave the chocolate but you asked me to send a check after getting back home, which I did. Thank you for trusting me that day!A Customer

We highly recommend Divani’s chocolates and other unique products. I’m sure our guest would agree that their chocolate gift made their day a little more special. ~ Cathy Kentzel, Barnard House Bed & Breakfast