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Bear Claw is the classic combo of cashew and chewy caramel. In our version, the roasted & salted cashews add to the body while chewy caramel wraps it all!

An English gentleman named Peter Chaplin has been visiting our shop for 2-3 years. Periodically he flies from Surrey, England on business and during one of his visits, he took home a hunk of Bear Claw for his neighbor. A few months later when he returned, this is what he had to say, "My neighbor loves this Bear Claw so much that she specially requested me to bring some back for her". We were delighted and grateful to learn that our chocolate fans reach out to as far as the United Kingdom! Peter continues to visit us, during his business trips to the US, for a hot cup of latte and Bear Claw for his neighbor.

Available in both Dark and Milk chocolate. Packaged in a clear plastic bag that helps retain freshness when stored in a cool and dry place.

Due to their thickness, each piece can be about 7-8 ounces. So there will be about 2 pieces per pound. Please note that although the weight of each piece varies, we make sure to weigh them and give you exactly what you ordered (or slightly more).

All confections* are handmade in our store location at Foxburg Pennsylvania. Our kitchen is annually inspected by the state's Dept of Agriculture. Contact us to learn more or read about our ingredients and process. Feel free to visit us for a mini tour and free samples of select products. We'll be happy to have you!
* exceptions apply