Remember the movie My Fair Lady… where a beautiful, yet otherwise socially unimpressive young woman is transformed into the perfect image of a duchess? Well, lately we’ve been playing at a similar role to the fella working hard to acheive her correct presentation, only for us it is with the representation of our brand. The hard work is done and now, wherever you see pillar like letters which spell out ‘Divani’ spanned across the crisp bold lines of a bursting star, you’ll know you are about to taste the dynamic flavors of pure Divani chocolate!

What started out with a logo contest we initiated on a global artist web communtiy, gave way to new perspectives about what others thought our business is all about and how to express that feeling through an impactful image. We were both grateful and pleased to see the results as they emerged one by one and when we saw, what is now our new logo, we were thinking, ‘Wow! Now that is it!’ We hope you’ll agree as you rediscover the flavor of pure love along with the fresh new look and feel.

Brand New Divani

Brand New Divani

The brand new Divani will shine in every way you connect with us. It is now the emblem for our integrity as a business and that ‘Wow!’ effect one tends to sense when freeing themselves of inhibition and allowing love to freely flow. So look and reach for the stars and come and get it! Come and get pure love!

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