All may seem quiet in the snowy aftermath of the year-end holidays, but in a chocolate boutique filled with handmade goodies, things are always stirring. Each year, we greet the new year with preparations for February the 14th. That’s right, Valentine’s Day. A day where despite its bitter origins (St. Valentine, as the legend goes, was beheaded for marrying couples against the wishes of Roman Emperor Claudius II, on the 14th of February), is now reserved to celebrate one of the purist things, which is, of course, LOVE.

berry_washAnd how do we say “I love you” here at the chocolate shop? Through our deeds. We toil daily to bring beautiful, delicious tokens of love, for each who wishes to express such, in the form of delectable chocolate covered strawberries. It is a process we have come to thoroughly enjoy and share with you all each year. Right from securing the freshest most succulent specimens of berries from either sunny California or Florida growers, to hand washing each and every one with a high alkaline water bath to remove every trace of farming and environmental residues, to air drying them for maximum cleanliness and preservation of freshness, we painstakingly ensure the highest quality even before we dip them in our premium Belgian chocolate.

With all of that energy and effort, we sure hope you’ll come and get some for your love before they are sold out!
Call 844.4 DIVANI to reserve a box or book online to make sure that you do!

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