Ahhh, Fall…the season of the harvest! And what pray tell, might a chocolate boutique be harvesting this season? Why, chocolate caramel apples of course!

We have a tree full of hand dipped chocolate caramel apples waiting to be plucked and according to Divani lore, there are faeries hiding inside beneath the apples! Carefully select your apple from the Divani Apple Tree but before you take a bite, look beneath your apple. If you find a Pistachio Green Apple Fearie, you will win a $2 coupon off your next purchase of $10 or more, if you find a Chocolate Gray Apple Faerie, you win a Divanity of your choice, and if you find the Velvet Vine Apple Faerie, you win the Grand Prize Gift Basket filled with Divani Chocolate goodies!

Starting Oct 7th through the 11th. Over 30 prizes to be won! The more apples you pluck, the better your chances to win! So stop by our chocolate boutique and let the harvest begin!

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