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"Baby" SCOBY separating from "mother" SCOBY

“Baby” SCOBY separating from “mother” SCOBY

Energy without the buzz…and the energy comes not from caffeine, sugar, alcohol or any other stimulant or intoxicant. Instead, it comes from live enzymes and organic acids combined with nutritional properties of tea. No wonder Kombucha is considered a raw food, like fresh garden vegetables or fruit off a tree.

Having said that, the benefits that come from regular Kombucha consumption can not be taken for granted. Just like any good diet or exercise regimen, drinking Kombucha brings positive results when the rest of your lifestyle is conducive to bringing about those same results. Here are some frequently asked questions we received in the past couple weeks after our previous article on Kombucha was published in our blog.

So, tell me about this Kombucha tea? What does it do?

It aids in digestion due to the presence of organic acids while the live enzymes and nutrients present enable your cells to generate energy.

Does Kombucha have caffeine?

Only about half of what was present in the green or black tea that’s used as a base. We further decaffeinate the our teas using a natural water based decaffeination process (included in our Kombucha Home Brewing instructions)

So, is this the new miracle cure-it-all elixir?

No. While Kombucha helps repair cellular damages incurred due to an ailment, aging or general metabolic processes, please do not attempt to cure a serious illness by drinking Kombucha. See your health care practitioner instead.

Will it help with weight-loss?

There are weight-loss claims associated with Kombucha, but only if you’re serious about losing weight and your lifestyle reflects this. In other words, you should watch what you eat and drink and exercise regularly.

But that way I would probably lose weight anyways?

True, but that’s the point! Kombucha will, however, support such lifestyle changes by supplying ready energy and aiding in the digestion of food.

Can I drink Kombucha while I am nursing?

Generally speaking, it’s advisable to not to introduce any drastic changes to your diet when pregnant or nursing. Reliable sources do say that if the mother had been drinking Kombucha for some time prior to getting pregnant, she can continue drinking it through pregnancy and nursing. However, if you’re not used to Kombucha, drinking it could initiate detoxification due to which bodily toxins may sneak into breast milk.

How do you make Kombucha?

We start with organically grown tea steeped in filtered water and sweetened with organic cane sugar as a base, along with the SCOBY (Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast) culture. The mix is then fermented for a minimum 2 weeks to ensure most of the sugar is broken down as the culture eats it.

If Kombucha is home-brewed, can I make it at home?

Absolutely. We have Home Kombucha Brewing Kits available that come with all you need to get started making you own Kombucha at home. Instructions with useful tips are included and we’re only a phone call or an email away should you have any questions about your brewing experience.

Is Kombucha hard to make at home?

Not at all! Essentially, you brew the tea, add sugar to it and pour it in a jar with the culture (all included in the kit). The culture does rest of the work!

You can now purchase our Kombucha Home Brewing Kits from our online store. From novice to master, our Kombucha Brewing Kits will make it a breeze to create your very own Kombucha at home!

Limited number of kits are available, get yours before they run out!

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