It’s been three years and seven months since we opened the doors of our sweet little boutique on the hillside of Foxburg’s Allegheny valley and yet no year has been so enlightening and enlivening as 2010.

We began 2010 in the silent snowy hills, contemplating our connectivity to those who matter to us the most; our customers. The insurgence of insight further propelled an earlier notion that it was time to polish the presentation of our business, thus creating an impact that would speak out without saying a word. We engaged several artists the world over and before long, introduced and incorporate a refreshing, resounding and resonate image. But progress doesn’t stop at counting to one. There was still much work to do and we spent the greater part of 2010 doing that work.

So, we buckled down, focused our energies and took up the tedious task of refinement in all quarters, all so we could make the most of what we have to share. It’s been an adventure to say the very least, but one well worthwhile. We’ve reached out, made contact and connected with more people this past year than in any other. And we’re still counting…still reaching…still endeavoring. Because progress doesn’t stop at counting to two either.

That said, it’s time to tip our hats to the new year and all the possibilities that abide within. We are forging ahead with our spirits aloft to make way for new friends and experiences. In that subtle moment where the old and the new year meet, we’ve carried forth our dedication in reaching out to our customers, sharing what we have to give, and this time around it comes in the form of a “Thank You” to all who support us and a little something extra for one lucky participant in our journey to give pure love.

Congratulations Doris Walker of Hubbard, Ohio for being a Divani Girl and winning the $100 gift basket drawing! Upon informing her about her winning, Doris said, “Thank you for drawing my name! It was the first time that we had stopped by the chocolate shop. We had bought some chocolate and we really enjoyed it. So, we’re really thankful that we won!”

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15 reviews
Must have!

This bark is very, very good. I bought both dark and milk. Highly recommend!


Turtle bark with delicious caramel, pecans, and milk chocolate. What's not to like? They have the right combination and the right proportion. Great chocolatiers.

A Favorite

These are so addicting that it's hard to not eat them all at once! Chewy,crunchy, chocolaty delight. I just wish I lived closer to Foxburg so that I could enjoy them more often!

I always look forward to buying your Dark Chocolate Bars. They are excellent in quality. I enjoy them on a regular basis. Thanks for the good quality products and service. Enjoy the friendly atmosphere of your shop as well as the chocolate. Jack. Armant