Three things to help keep your favorite small business going

With the recent corona virus outbreak, authorities are promoting the idea of social distancing to curb the spread of this deadly illness. Despite the well-intentioned reasons behind this type of separation, there are socioeconomic consequences that need consideration.

The biggest concern for any society experiencing a social standstill is an economic collapse. As our leaders do their part in preventing that, consumers can play a role in keeping their favorite businesses from shutting down for good. Here are the three things you can do to help your favorite small business keep going in today's economy.

#1 Order online

We all know most businesses have a virtual store on the web. That includes all of us "mom and pop" shops and artisans. We'd all be more than happy to continue filling your orders.

As for us personally, about 85% of our business comes from tourists visiting our store in Foxburg, PA. With the current situation, not only has the tourist traffic has drastically reduced but we are restricted to only serve carry-out orders, making it difficult to stay caught up with bills. As we work hard to ensure good health and hygiene within our chocolate kitchen, we need your continued support to keep us going.

#2 Increase our online exposure

A recommendation of your favorite small businesses is priceless and deeply appreciated. It's all we can do to continue bringing high quality products doing and sharing what we love. When you let others know about us, you are taking the pressure off of self-promotion.

Now especially, we'd be over the moon if you would leverage social media to help expand our circle by sharing our blogs, emails, and social media posts. You can also like or follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest and invite your friends to like or follow us too.

#3 Buy a gift certificate

Gift certificates are always a great gift when you don't know of the recipient's particular preferences and once purchased, they can be redeemed anytime.

We would like to offer for a limited time, that when you buy any of our gift certificates from now until April 5th, you get 20% additional purchase value. This will help us keep our spoons in the chocolate pots and delicious handmade Belgian chocolates headed your way for the foreseeable future!

All in all, it is we who keep each other afloat in the best of times and the worst of times. Utilizing our hard earned dollars to support our friends and neighbors is one way to maintain the types of communities and amenities we hope to see throughout our lives and the lives of our children and our children's children. We hope you'll do what you can in keeping us among the treasured oasis of small businesses that truly make our nation great!

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Julia Allman April 07, 2020

What a beautiful and practical message. Your in our thoughts and prayers<3

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