How we cope with social distancing

No matter how uncertain the world gets to be, we are given but one life to make the best of.

We are here at our beloved home away from home, still pouring much love into our chocolate, because it has a life of its own. A life that we live to share with whosoever may happen upon us! It is with this spirit that we forge ahead to ensure that we infuse every ounce of our enthusiasm into nurturing our friends, neighbors, family, and customers with this bit of goodness we bring in our own unique way.

We hope you'll enjoy watching the quirky tour of our shop as much as we've enjoyed producing it. We hope it puts a smile on your face.

As we all stay put in this socially distanced climate, we are missing the usual spring fun activities. We can still pray and be thankful for those who are actively helping to keep things under control.

May we all emerge from these circumstances stronger, wiser, and a more unified nation.

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