After much planning, anticipation and toil, we are launching the all-new Divani Chocolate eBoutique – an online portal to your favorite Divani confections. The purpose of this website is to interact and communicate with you, our customers and associates, in a timely fashion.

Keep checking back this section of the website for updates on what we’ve been up to, specials, events and more! You can also register for our RSS feeds, follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook by clicking the appropriate icons on top.

Be sure to subscribe to our periodic Newsletters by submitting the simple form on the right. That way, you’d be the first to learn about any special offers we have for you.

You can also purchase you favorite confections online from our eBoutique and have them shipped out our come pick them up at our store. Access our eBoutique right on the home page or by clicking one of the selections listed on the right.

Last but not the least, you can contact us by filling out and submitting the form or via phone or snail mail.

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15 reviews
Must have!

This bark is very, very good. I bought both dark and milk. Highly recommend!


Turtle bark with delicious caramel, pecans, and milk chocolate. What's not to like? They have the right combination and the right proportion. Great chocolatiers.

A Favorite

These are so addicting that it's hard to not eat them all at once! Chewy,crunchy, chocolaty delight. I just wish I lived closer to Foxburg so that I could enjoy them more often!

I always look forward to buying your Dark Chocolate Bars. They are excellent in quality. I enjoy them on a regular basis. Thanks for the good quality products and service. Enjoy the friendly atmosphere of your shop as well as the chocolate. Jack. Armant