Our schedule during social distancing

The state of Pennsylvania has allowed all food businesses to remain open with carry out option available to patrons. We are a food business licensed by the state Department of Agriculture and so authorized to stay open. However, we have decided to continue our winter hours of operation while the social distancing is still in effect. These hours are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm. Please review our shopping guidelines before visiting us to make the experience more pleasant and safe for everyone.

Place orders online for store pickup

Please note that even though our store front is open weekends only, we are actively filling online orders throughout the week. If you live near Foxburg or are visiting the area and would like to pick up your order, feel free to place it on our website. You'll see an option for store pickup during the checkout process. This will allow you to pay online minimizing handling on our part at the store. This will also give us a heads up to make anything that's out of stock - that way we're sure to have it when you arrive for the pick up.

While shopping at the store

We don't have online menu for our cafe products including beverages and ice creams. We have posted several options on the main door at our shop so, you can select what you need before entering to make it quick and simple for yourself and us. Our goal is to reduce contact during transactions to minimize any chance of disease spread. For that, we have implemented hands-off policy: while inside the store, please avoid touching objects and ask for help if you are curious about or wish to purchase anything. Our store is small enough that we can closely monitor this and help as needed. Please be mindful and do your best in helping us maintain hygiene inside the store.

This socially disconnected way of life is hard for everyone. However, we can hope that this will be over soon and we'll come out of this with a renewed appreciation for life and for each other. Meanwhile, stay safe, keep calm, and enjoy great quality chocolate regularly! :)

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