Two of the most beautiful feelings in the world are that of giving and receiving in the hopes that love and abundance is passed along from one life to another thus completing a circle of brotherhood.

In the United States, the month of November marks the beginnings of a season to commemorate and honor this glorious exchange as we harvest the bounty of our year’s efforts to be shared.

We wish to celebrate this time by sharing a taste of our very special confections including truffles, crèmes, barks, and holiday stocking stuffers with all of our customers throughout the month of November.

Also, we would like to extend an offer of a 20% discount on your pre-holiday chocolate orders of $50 value or more, to contribute to your sharing with others.

From the spirit of gratitude which drives us, we thank you all for being our customers! May we all partake in the joy of giving and receiving!

Offer Details
Specify coupon code DCHP2010 when ordering online or through telephone. Consider a minimum of 5 day fulfillment time on pre-holiday orders. Not valid with any other offer, same-day in-store purchases nor in-store deals. Offer expires 11/30/10

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