The story of Bliss Bites™

Nuts and chocolate. Chocolate and nuts. An age-old concept that never really gets old. We're nuts about nuts. In fact, there isn't a nut we don't like. So when we thought about combining nuts with chocolate, we certainly weren't planning on re-inventing the bars that big brands have been selling for years. We set out to create our version of what nuts and chocolate should taste like together.

First, we created a different experience by obtaining high quality, fresh nuts from reliable sources. Then we made sure to add 15-20% more of those impressive flavorful nuts to our chocolate - that's way more than what was available in big brand candy bars. Last, we cut our Bliss Bites™ into neat little portion-controlled pieces, putting an individual in charge of how much to have at any given time.

But did we stop there? No, that would be just nuts. Literally! So, we went a step further and started adding other things we liked to have with chocolate. We asked our customers and even had some of them taste-test the sample creations. We loved them, and so did our patrons, chocolate with more unique ingredients like coconut, granola, rice puffs, cookie crumble, marshmallow, dried fruit, and even potato chips! Before long, a whole selection of Bliss Bites™ rolled out of our chocolate kitchen all mixed up and luxuriously wrapped in our favorite dressing - chocolate.

So, this spring, we decided to celebrate Bliss Bites™. Right off the bat, we collaborated with Core Goods to get a better idea of what our customers wanted.

We held a poll on social media and, inspired by the choices their audience called for, we created whole new combinations to offer to our customers. That further led us to organize a Bliss Bites™ tasting event at the end of March in Core Goods.

The Bliss Bites™ tasting event was a resounding success with many local folks joining us for sampling our delights. Some even participated in a short survey we conducted to help others learn what's popular. The results were astounding!

Bliss Bites™ tasting event survey results

We were surprised to find out that the least popular varieties actually turned out to be the favorites when people got to taste them. The results showed us that bringing new varieties to our customers is a great thing.

Sharing with the world what we love has been our mission right from the beginning and with that in consideration, this spring of 2019, we will be including surprise gifts of Bliss Bites™ to qualifying orders. This is our way of celebrating our creations with those who support us for sharing our love of chocolate with them.

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